Saturday, December 4, 2010

Critical Article Summary

Visvanathan, Susan. "Women and Work: From Housewifisation to Androgyny." Economic and Political Weekly 31.45/46 (1996): 3015+.
Visvanathan describes how notions of order have defined for women and suggest the the subduing of women's nature was the greatest expression of the hierarchy of gender. She describes the way being a housewife enslaves women. Their job is to creating new members of the labor force it is marked by love and responsibility. Men control property and children while women tend to them. Their labor does not have a value in the marketplace, so they are an invisible sex. Nice quote on dichotomy, “For Rosaldo, the two extremes of this position can be seen in the witch, who sleeps with the devil, and the nun who is the bride of God”. (3018) Women are being identified with nature and became associated with animality, just as the indigenous people were in the colonies. So they must be subjugated and controlled. The androgynous Orlando represents the way the woman figure is created passively by the language of men.

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